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Samsung Galaxy S8 USB-USB-C Car Vehicle Charger

s8 car charger

Our Price: $34.99

Product Code: CARCHARGE

  • The best samsung galaxy s8 usb type c Car Charger
  • Oem Samsung Usb type c adapter car charger for s8 galaxy
  • Fast Charge your galaxys 8 with quick charger 2.0
  • Charge your smartphone usb-c compatible device rapidly
  • usb-c car charger charged fast
  • samsung makes best chargers of any manufacturer
The fast samsung s8 usb to usb-c ( usb type c) car charger looks as great as it works. You can get your device fully charged back up in your car in about an hour. With quick charge 2.0 from qualcomm and fast charge tech samsung has in there car charger you will have the best tech available. Even is a car charger for iphone 6.

Backed by samsung 1 year warranty from authorized dealers's like sfelectronics you have nothing to worry about.

The small size and universal usb port allows you to also charge your older samsung galaxy smartphones like the s6, s6 edge, s7, s7 edge, and note 5 ( additional cable required). This comes with the usb-c cable for the s8 and s8 plus.

Charge older model device at 2a speed and chargers the galaxy s8 perectly.

Rapid Charging

The Fast Charge Car Charger is universal so it will work with all smartphones but comes with a usb-c cable so it will work with the s8 and s8 plus. Samsung uses the best technology in there samsung car chargers with quick charge 2.0 to power your device fast. The samsung fast charge technology will have your smartphone ready for business at all times so you do not miss that important text or phone call to close that deal. The samsung portable cellphone charger can be tucked away easily because of it's sleek design.

S8 Car Charger Questions and Answers

1. I am looking for a car charger for the samsung galaxy s8 and also the s7 edge? This listing will work with both those smartphones. You get a usb-c cable so that will work perfectly with the s8. With the s7 edge you will need to have a cable but the charge adapter is universal so it will work.
2. Will this come with the samsung galaxy s5 charger cable or do I have to purchase seperate? This only comes with a usb type c cable but the it will work as long as you have a usb cable.
3. Is this the only car charger available for the s8 galaxy? No there are other options available. You can also purchase the samsung dual port car charger which comes with the s8 cable and also comes with the earlier usb cable.
4. Does this have the adaptive fast charging from samsung? Yes it has the fast charging.
5. Will this come with the samsung fast charging cable or do I need to purchase that as well? It will come with a fast charging cable for the s8 but that is a different cable than the usb one.
6. Can I use the car charger I use for the s7 with the samsung s8 now? Yes but you need to have a usb-c cable

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