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note 8 charger Samsung 15W Fast Charge Wall Charger (Detachable USB to USB-C Cable) - Black Retail Packaged

  • Uses Fast Charge technology to charge your compatible device's battery from 0 to 50% in about 30 minutes
  • Charge other USB-C devices at up to a 12V 2A speed
  • Charge your phone from a wall outlet via AC adapter and USB-C cable
  • Sync and transfer files via USB-C data cable
  • works with the samsung NOTE8 S8 AND S8+ SMARTPHONE. ( DOES NOT WORK WITH S7 OR S7 EDGE OR NOTE5)
  • how to make your phone charge faster
Quickly charge your USB-C powered smartphone with the Samsung 15W Fast Charge Wall Charger with detachable USB-C to USB cable. Samsung Fast Charge compatible devices can charge with up to 1.5x more power than standard USB charging options. For other USB powered devices, charge is standard 2A current
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2. Here you get retail packaged samsung chargers with warranties
3. This is not a product you want in your house if it is not real authentic. It
can start a fire.
4. Simple process. We ship within 24 hours. If you need to return we give you a return label.

Our Price: $19.99

fast charger usb charger phone charger samsung car charger Samsung Fast Usb C Car Charging Dual Charger Port Vehicle Charger (Detachable Micro USB and USB-C Cable) - Black Retail Packaged

samsung fast car charger
samsung galaxy s6 car charger
samsung galaxy s6 edge car charger
samsung galaxy s7 car charger
samsung galaxy s7 edge car charger
samsung galaxy note 5 car charger

Our Price: $29.99

samsung wireless fast blue charger Fast Samsung Wireless Charging Pad with 2a Wall Charger AFC QI - Blue for Note8, Note 5 Note 5 S6, S6 EDGE, S7 S7 EDGE

Samsung wireless charging pad with 2a wall charger black blue sapphire fast charger

  • Brand new with samsung warranty in Retail Packaging
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  • Brand new in retail packaging
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty
  • always ships within 24 hours
  • prepaid return labels no hassle ordering
  • Wireless Fast Charge feature available for even faster charging speeds on Galaxy Note8, Galaxy S8/S8+ and later models of the Galaxy Note and Galaxy S series.
  • also works with the iphone 8 from apple wireless charging devices and iphone x
  • Qi certified by WPC (Wireless Power Consortium) to support wireless charging on all Qi-enabled devices (where Fast Charge feature is not compatible**, standard wireless charging speeds apply)
  • Portable, attractive design for use in multiple locations
  • Multi-colored LED halo indicates charging status
  • Includes Fast Charging Micro Usb cable
Brand New In Samsung Retail Packaging with one year manufacturer warranty

Our Price: $34.99
256gb micro sd samsung card Refurbished Samsung 256GB EVO+ UHS-I microSDXC U3 Memory Card (Class 10) (No adapter) For note8 note 9 s7 s7 edge s8 s8 plus s9 s9 plus

  • Samsung EVO Plus 256GB UHS-I MicroSDXC Micro SD Memory Card made by Samsung
  • no adapter
  • Samsung oem Refurbished in bulk .
  • free return label if you need to send back for a refund

  • Read speeds up to 95MB/sec, write speeds up to 90MB/sec So you can quickly transfer files
  • Class 10 U-3
This EVO+ UHS-I microSDXC U3 Memory Card (Class 10) from Samsung holds 256GB of data. Its Ultra High Speed Class 1 (UHS-I) bus enables it to achieve maximum read and write speeds of 95 MB/s and 90 MB/s respectively. This microSD card is ideal for Full-HD video recordings and high resolution pictures. A microSD adapter is NOT included,
The EVO+ series is waterproof (lasting up to 72 hours in seawater), magnet-proof, and X-ray–proof. Additionally, it is capable of withstanding temperatures of -13 to 185°F.

Comes with sd card (NO ADAPTER)

Our Price: $59.99

Samsung DeX Dock Desktop Experience Retail Packaged Samsung DeX Dock Desktop Experience Retail Packaged

  • works as a samsung galaxy s8, s8+ s9 s9+ note8 wireless charger
  • samsung galaxy dex station
  • samsung docking station s8 and s8 plus note8 s9 s9+
  • samsung galaxy docking station in retail packaging

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  1. warranty with all products
  2. free return shipping if you are not happy
  3. always oem brand new products in samsung oem retail packaging and they come with the charging adapter you need unlike international version.
The samsung dex dock will transform your samsung s8 into a pc experience like no other. With deX dock from samsung you can also wireless charge your smartphone from your desktop as well. You can still run your important windows and adobe so dont worry you can keep the best of a pc still.

With the s8 dex station your smartphone will be at the center point of your professional career and this will help with that transformation and you can get all your work done from one central point. So if your flying around to different cities or moving from retail location to retail location you can have your central business tool in hand ready to go.

The new samsung galaxy DeX Station includes all the ports you need for business or personal use including two USB 2.0 ports, an Ethernet port, a USB Type C power-in, and a cooling fan to boot. You’ll dock your Galaxy S8 in the DeX Station, charging the handset at the same time.

When your all set to use your desktop samsung device you’ll be granted access to a “completely redesigned” Android UI that’s made for use with a mouse and keyboard.

Have peace of mind knowing all your data will be protected, courtesy of the Samsung Knox security platform. According to Samsung.

The DeX Station can connect to an HDMI compatible monitor, and can also connect to any Bluetooth-enabled USB or RF-type keyboard and mouse and with the new samsung galaxy s8 release date coming now is your chance to own a great accessory.

Also included with the dex station is a cooling fan to keep your device from getting hot just like on laptops and other devices.

Our Price: $69.00

Samsung Note 8 & S8 Wireless Charger Charging Convertible, Black Samsung Note 8 & S8 Wireless Charger Charging Convertible, Black

The best samsung galaxy s8 wireless charger available. You can lay it flat on the ground or have it upright on your desktop for easy smartphone viewing.
Galaxy s8 wireless charger can also be used with the s8 plus and other model samsung phones.

Our Price: $69.99