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Samsung Genuine Fast Charge USB-C 15W Wall Charger - Black- Galaxy Note8, Galaxy S8, and Note 9 Galaxy S8+ Inbox Replacement - Retail Packaging

Samsung Genuine Fast Charge USB-C 15W Wall Charger - Black- Galaxy Note8, Galaxy S8, and Note 9 Galaxy S8+ Inbox Replacement - Retail Packaging


Samsung adaptive rapid fast charger retail packaging

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Samsung Rapid Charger

Your fast charger for will rapidly charge with this oem samsung charger. You can also use your samsung charger with the samsung note 8 or samsung note9 s9 s9 plus s8 s8 plus and comes as a fast charger. Comes with the fast usb cable to transfer your pictures and music to and from desktop pc. Super fast phone charger to get back to business or play. If your looking for a quick charge to power your samsung devices than this is the unit for you. This is also the best samsung note 4 charger on the market.

The samsung fast charger works best with samsung phones and fast battery charger is the fastest there is.

The samsung charge battery fast charger adaptive fast charger fast charges any qualcomm quick charge 2.0 enabled smartphone. If you are looking for a fast wall charger than look no further as this is the best available option out there for your qualcomm devices. Too charge devices the best and fastest the samsung oem fast charger is a great option and also comes with a warranty from the manufacturer. This device is great for galaxy fast charging as well.

charge your battery faster
The samsung note 5 fast charger will allow you to charge your galaxy s6 from zero to 50 percent in about 30 minutes. The galaxy s6 charger is great when you have a road trip and need your phone charged fast because no other charger will get you galaxy s6 ready as fast as the galaxy s6 charger. Comes with one year warranty samsung warranty . This is the same samsung adaptive fast charger on walmart except ours comes in retail packaging and theres in bulk. It is the top usb quick charger you can get on the market. The fast charger samsung makes is second to none. I would not purchcase any other charger for your galaxy smartphones. With samsung fast charger you get optimal speeds for a great price

This will work as a samsung fast charger for most android phones as well as long as they have usb cable. You can also find more qualcomm quick charge 2.0 chargers at our parent store.

This is the samsung charger that is at the samsung website.

About Samsung Fast Charging

With the new fast charger technology for Samsung AFC compatible devices, your battery can go from zero to up to 50% in about 30 minutes, so you can get your samsung galaxy smartphone ready for business. The samsung charger wall charger will charge other Micro USB devices as well.


The Samsung oem original quick charge 2.0 wall adapter 15m usb charge cable works great as well. Amp Wall Charger plugs into any standard wall outlet via the included AC adapter, and its compact design means it is small enough to throw in a briefcase or backpack when you�??re on the go. Samsung�??s charging technology powers your phone while it charges its battery, so you can make calls, check your messages or browse the Web while your phone is charging. This Samsung charger has an output of 2 Amp to give your phone power at a much faster rate than your typical 1 Amp or 700mAh charger. Additionally, it comes packed with Adaptive Fast Charging technology that will charge Samsung devices with that feature built-in at an even faster rate! Samsung Fast Charger Helpful Information This is the best fast battery charger for your samsung smartphones from samsung themselves. You want to make sure your getting the best micro usb fast charger and this is it. You do not have to look any further. When looking at a fast charger for your samsung new phone I would not purchase anything but an oem brand fast charger because you dont know what kind of parts those off brand manufacturers use and you want to make sure your getting the best. The samsung fast charger come's with a usb fast cable in the box and also a manufacturer warranty guide which provides helpful information in case you need help with that. This is a super fast charger so you can get your smartphone powered up with qualcomm quick charge 2.0 technology which is in the charger and also in the smartphone. This also works as an adroid charger from most of those phones as well. I personally use this as a note 5 fast charger because I have to stay charged for business calls coming in. The wall charger anker makes is very comparable to this charger. They both have quick charge 2.0 and they both charge faster than other model ones. The Samsung galaxy s7 charger that comes with the phone in the retail packaging works the same as this one as well. We get asked a lot by our customers if this is the case. This is in fact true and you will be very happy with this purchase. You can fast charge your galaxy phone using a lot of different brand fast chargers If your like me you are probably always running out of battery juice and checking to see how low your battery is. I know when I am out and about my battery for my galaxy note5 seems to running low everytime no matter what I do. All thos notifications you get from your social media profile like google plus can really drain the life out of your battery. As time has gone on the battery mah has seem to go higher but with that it still seems to lose power fast. With Samsung galaxy fast charger you can get the juice back a lot faster than you could with the 2a chargers out there. This has made a lot of customers extremely happy and has made life a little easier because you do not have to sit there for 6 hours waiting for your phone power to come back. You can get the charging fast with other brands like anker wall charger, aukey wall charger or other brands you see on amazon but I believe you will get the best charging from the oem Samsung charger. It is made by Samsung who is one of the best manufacturer of cellphone products on the planet right up there with apple. You get the one year warranty if you purchase from us with our no hassle return exchange program. You can also purchase Samsung car chargers that work fast as well and wireless chargers from us with the same warranty program. Plus were your trusted authority all things mobile.

Final Questions 1. Is this the samsung fast charger amazon sellers?Yes it is the same one. 2. Is this the samsung fast charger best buy sells? Yes it is. 3. Does this come with the samsung charger pad? No you would have search for samsung fast charger wireless in our search box. 4. My samsung fast charger not working right now. Can you make sure this works? Yes these are brand and work 100 percent. 5. I am looking for samsung fast charger for car?

questions answered.
1. How can you find out if your purchased an oem samsung charger and not a counterfeit?

You can tell because a lot of the counterfeit chargers have really thick wiring compared to original samsung charger. You can also take a look at the serial number on the unit and contact samsung to make sure it is original as well.

Using counterfeit can start a fire and you always want to make sure you purchase from an authorized samsung distributor. They will have gotten there charger from an authorized source.

2. What is the difference between a samsung quick charger and a regular 2a wall charger? The quick charger will give you speeds of around 50 percent battery power in 30 minutes. You will be able to charge faster than a 2a speed one and you will notice the difference.

When you had an s3 or s4 the charging took forever that is why a lot of customer would purchase extra battery kits so they could just switch out the battery without having to wait for it to charge. The samsung galaxy fast charger is the better option.

3. Are the samsung galaxy charger that come in the black color oem as well?

I think they are but we are an authorized samsung reseller and have not seen these being sold by authorized distributors so I would check with samsung. I am not sure were these come from.

4. Will the samsung fast charger come in retail packaging all the time?

Not all the time. There is bulk packging as well.

5. Does it come with a samsung charging cable?

Yes you get the charger head and the cable.

Samsung adaptive fast charger galaxy s6
  • Brand new retail packaging samsung rapid fast charger for note 4, note 5, s7, s6 edge s7 s7 edge
    Compatible with samsung fast charging for capable phones
    The samsung fast charging enables fast charger for your galaxy smartphone
    Comes with 4 feet micro usb cable as well brand new in retail packaging
    Samsung's charging technology powers your smartphone very fast so you can make calls, check your messages or browse the Web while your phone is charging. This Samsung charger has an output of 2 Amp to give your phone power at a much faster rate than your typical 1 Amp or 700mAh charger.
    The same fast charger that at&t is selling.
    We are the best place to buy online right now.
    Samsung adpative fast charging ( qualcomm quick charge) 2.0
    samsung galaxy s7 charger
    samsung galaxy s5 charger
    samsung galaxy note 5 charger
    samsung galaxy s6 and s6 edge charger
    Samsung wall charger

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