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Samsung Note 8 & S8 Wireless Charger Charging Convertible, Black

Samsung Note 8 & S8 Wireless Charger Charging Convertible, Black

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Convertible Charger Galaxy S8 Samsung Wireless Charger

Sorry apple no wireless charging yet ? Purchase this unit to work with the wireless charging iphones available

S8 Wireless Charger Features

  • Best samsung galaxy s8 wireless charger
  • Wireless charger galaxy s8 and s8 plus convertible charger
  • Samsung fast wireless charger for s6. s6 edge, s7, s7 edge, s8 and s8 plus
  • Samsung fast charger wireless stand or pad either way.
  • s8 wireless charger price is 89.99
  • galaxy s8 charger port usb-c is samsung used with this wireless charger
  • wireless charger convertible in black or gold colors
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Galaxy 8 charger convertible chordless charger

With the release of the s8 and s8 plus infinity display phone you have brand new accessories from samsung including the samsung fast wireless charger convertor. The galaxy s8 charging pad convertible is probably the best wireless charger we have seen so far. You can get cheaper wireless ones but if you want a nice one on your desktop than this samsung s8 wireless charge is for you. This samsung s8 + charging pad will work great on your desktop or by your bedside. There are other galaxy s8 charger available from our other store if your looking for a regular charger.

You can have your s8 or s8 plus upright so you can see incoming messages and phone calls. You can also lay it flat down so whatever you prefer you can have with the new samsung wireless charger. The wireless charger s8 is the best wireless charger for streaming the nfl, nba or mlb baseball games. You can have the s8 wireless charge upright so you don't miss the action.

You can pick between gold or black currently as we have both in stock. We would love any questions you have so please send them to us.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Wireless Charging Stand (Convertible) �?� Convertible �?? Works as a samsung fast charger wireless charging stand for s8 or you can lay it flat on the table like the old model charging stand �?� Soft padded material �?� Additional charging coil

Fast wireless charging s8 and other samsung galaxy compatible smartphones
Use your s8 wireless charger as a stand or pad which you prefer

The samsung s8 plus wireless charger can also be used with older model samsung phones that have qi technology in them. This is the best wireless fast charging charger charger for samsung s8.

Best Looking Samsung Galaxy S 8 Plus Wireless Charger Available

Charge your device faster without the hassle of chords in your way. You can just set your smartphone s8 or other compatible device down and wait till it is done charging. New design for the samsung s8 + charging pad and from samsung so you can switching between using the wireless charger as a charging pad or stand. Really premium design leather like material looks great on your desktop at the office or at home.

Samsung Galaxy s8 Fast Wireless charging

No more mess with wireless charging. The Samsung Wireless Charging Convertible utilizes Qi Inductive Charging Technology so you dont have a big mess of all those tangled up chords creating anxiety as you know. Great for your office and even better at home with samsung's nice design. You can easily listen to music as this design was made so you can still get your work done or you can use your android music just as easy.

The Samsung S8 Phone is a great smartphone with great features. Again it has wireless charging which to me is a great feature because you do not have to mess with the wires and your desk looks cleaner than ever.

With so many different options available out there that are compatible with the Galaxy S8, from chargers made by oem Samsung to other options like anker.

Sfelectronics does not carry all branded wireless s8 chargers so we put a list below for you at amazon.

Samsung S8 AND S9 Plus wireless charging pad

This is the first edition fast wireless charger from Samsung and although it will not be as fast as the charger that comes in the original box it will give you faster charging that a 2a cable.

It is flat and allows you to sit your phone down easy and works great as I personally have on on my desk.

iON Wireless Plus Fast Charger Qi Charging Pad

Samsung s8 wireless charger and galaxy s8 plus questions and answers?

1. Does the galaxy s8 wireless charger come with a one year warranty? Yes it will come with a one year warranty. Every authentic samsung mobile accessory comes with a warranty card in the box which will explain exactly how the warranty works. Were an authorized samsung distributor so you will have that one year warranty.

2. Does the galaxy s8 plus wireless charger come with the fast adaptive charger in the box? The unit that we sell here does come with the chord needed to charge the wireless charger. The only time it does not come in the box is with the international version chargers. I am not sure if this edition has it or not but the usa version will have it so you will not have to purchase one.

3. I am looking for a wireless charger for my android phone and want to see if this is compatible? This samsung device is compatible with android phones that have the qi or pma technology in there phone.

4. I want to purchase a samsung galaxy s8 charging pad so I can charge my device without the hassle of cables. Is this really wireless? You do not have to use a wire to connect this to your phone. It is wireless in that sense but you have to plug the charge itself into an outlet for charging.

5. Is this a samsung galaxy s7 wireless charger also? Yes this is will work with all the qi samsung galaxy smartphones.

6. I have the samsung s7 wireless charger stand that came out when the phone did? What I want to know is if you can give me some credit if I send that to you towards this item? We actually will give you 10 dollars credit if you ship a working one to us yes. Just email us for information.

7. How fast is the samsung wireless s8 charger? It is the same speed as the previous model both having samsung adaptive fast charging ( qualcomm quick charger).

8. Is this a samsung s8 wireless battery charger? Yes it is it will fast charge your s8 device.

9. What wireless charger do you or samsung suggest for the s8? We would choose this samsung convertor s8 charger.

10. Is this the new samsung wireless charger? Yes it is.

11. What is the samsung wireless convertible charging stand price? It will be 89.99 for a while.

12. Does the wireless charger for galaxy s8 plus work the same as the older model samsung galaxy s7 wireless charger? Yes it will work the same as both have quick charge 2.0 but the only difference besides the design is the fact that now you can have your phone upright or lay it flat were the older model did not do that.

13. Is this a fast wireless charging pad for galaxy s8 plus that includes the adaptive charger? Yes with the us version you get the s8 plus fast wireless charger plus the adaptive fast usb type c adapter charger with it in the box.

14. The galaxy8plus wireless charger comes with a usb-c chord as well correct?
Yes you get the chord as well as the s8 wireless pad.

15. Can the galaxy s8 wireless charger work the s7 edge as well? Yes you can use for all qi
compatible samsung galaxy smartphones.

16. The 8 wireless charger only comes in black and gold or do you have other colors as well?
It currently only comes in gold or black.

17. Is there other wireless charger convertible chargers that samsung currently makes? There
is only one model so far.
18. My samsung s8 plus cost around 800 dollars and I am looking at the price and for the best galaxy s8 wireless charger available and want to know if you would recommend this product? One of the things to remember is the price is not really so much. This is the most premium charger for your galaxy s8 you can buy. This comes with rapid charging, stylish cover stand and also is a convertible charger because you can use it as a pad as well. For your galaxy s8 or s8+ smartphone this is the best by far. No anker, cheeotech or other wireless qi brand can really come close. Most only have one coil in theres.

19. I have had my samsung fast wireless charger stand for about a year now and it works great.
I purchased the internation brand and it did not come with the fast adapter like the usa version did. I want to make sure you get the fast adapter chord with the wireless s8 charger as well.? You do get samsung oem chord in the retail box yes. It has the fast usb-c or usb type c connection to it which samsung switched from the old usb chord so you will be all set when you purchased this.

20. I have never had wireless charging on my smartphone before. I used to have a flip phone so this is all new to me. Wireless chargers seem not give a consistent charge when I have my phone on. Is this something you guys hear customers complaining about or now? I personally use the samsung fast charger for my s8 plus wirelessely and I have never had an issue. As with all electronics including wireless headphones they can have problems but we will take care of you if something like comes up.

21. I am looking convenient wireless charging for my s7 edge. I really like the dual stand or pad that you can change this into. What my question is does this use the samsung usb-c cable that comes with the s8 plus or is it just a usb cable? This uses the samsung usb c cable as the smartphone.

22. Is the galaxy s8 wireless charger convertible compatible with other smartphones as well? Yes you can actually use this with the s6, s6 edge, s7, s7 edge, note5 and all qi wireless compatible devices.

23. Does the samsung s8 wireless charger convert into a pad or just a stand? It can convert into both whichever you prefer so basically it works as a samsung fast wireless charger stand or samsung galaxy s8 wireless pad.

24. How fast is this wireless charger for the s8? It can charge around 1.4 times faster.

25. I have many wireless fast charge pads around the house and none have a fan will this be really loud? I can hear the fan but I dont think it is too loud.

26. Does this work better than the samsung fast wireless charging stand that worked with the s7edge or s7? It has the same speed with both wireless fast chargers.

27. Can you wireless charge through the s8 s8+ otterbox cases that are available? Yes it should work with both commuter and otterbox defender cases with wireless charge.

28. I am confused by samsung fast charge convertible wireless charging pad and the samsung fast stand? The stand does not convert into a pad. With the s8 stand charger you can acutally make it into a pad as well really easily.

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  • Galaxy s8 wireless charging
    Anroid wireless charging
    Compatible with all samsung qi devices

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